Envisioning Success in the Calibrating Conversation

During August, Sustaining the Thinking Collaborative Journey will explore the Calibrating Conversation. Thinking Collaborative provides a one-day training in this unique conversation map for those who have completed the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar®.

There are two regions of the Calibrating Conversation that provide a vision for action for the coachee:
• Establish behavioral indicators for new placement on the rubric or level of performance.
• Describe support needed to get to a higher level of performance and commit to action.

The coach invites clear vision by posing questions for specificity about the behavioral indicators. The teacher creates an image of success for him/herself. Additionally, the coach invites exploration of the kinds of resources (human and other types) that will be necessary to ensure success with the behavioral indicators.

Consider your own coaching conversations as you begin this school year and reflect on why these two regions are so critical to success with this conversation.