Frances Gipson

US– Los Angeles, CA


Frances GipsonTraining Associate:
Adaptive Schools Seminars


Frances Gipson is currently the principal of the first International Baccalaureate Middle School Family of Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. Most recently, she was the Administrator of Instruction in LAUSD LD5, and former Director of Professional Development & Partnerships at UCLA’s Center X, supporting implementation and reform work for P-16 instruction.A highly regarded educator, Dr Gipson has published and designed quality curriculum at the district, state, and national level. With a passion for active learning she teaches Educational Leadership at CSULA, UCLA Teacher Education Program and the Principals Leadership Institute. With an amazing team, referred to enthusiastically as TEAM KID, she has supported leading for learning in 120+ schools in East and South Los Angeles. During her tenure the district was recognized for student achievement growth models, English learners reclassification, highest district attendance rates, lowest suspension rates, greatest numbers of National Board Certification participants, and even the organizer of the first East LA Arts Festival. Her leadership was recognized by receiving the Administrator of the Year Award from ACSA and the prestigious Tae Han Kim award for humanitarian and cultural accomplishments. Dr Gipson believes that “living in the system” and “disturbing the system” are critical to agency and advocacy for youth and ensure that our communities are at the center of all decisions.