Judi Gottschalk

USA– San Diego, CA


EMPTYPICTraining Associate:
Center for Adaptive Schools
Center for Cognitive Coaching



Judi Gottschalk retired in 2007 as principal of an urban elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona.  With 35 years of experience in Arizona public education, she has taught K-8 in regular education and special education. In addition to classroom teaching experience, Judi has served as an Instructional Specialist in the area of curriculum and instruction, assistant principal and Director of Educational Programs, overseeing curriculum, federal projects and mentoring programs. Judi has been associated with Cognitive CoachingSM since 1991 and has been training administrators, teacher leaders, and mentors in school districts throughout the state of Arizona. In 2011 Judi became the Co-Director of iLeadAZ at Arizona State University. iLeadAZ is a statewide principal preparation program. She earned her undergraduate degree in Education/Social Sciences at San Diego State University and an MA in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University.