Dear Educators and Friends,

Each year the International Academy for Educational Entrepreneurship (IAEE) names an educational entrepreneur who best exemplifies the ideals of IAEE in investing time, energy, and capital to create, develop, and market programs, products, services and/or technologies designed to enhance and improve education.

IAEE proudly announces that Jennifer Abrams has been selected as the 2015 Educational Entrepreneur of the Year.
Jennifer Abrams is an international educational and communications consultant to public and independent schools,
hospitals, universities and non-profits. Jennifer trains and coaches teachers, administrators, nurses, and hospital personnel
on new employees support, supervision, being generationally savvy, having hard conversations and effective collaboration

You can read about Jennifer Abrams by going to IAEE’s Website at and clicking on the Home Page. Please take a minute to
review the questions IAEE asked in interviewing Ms. Abrams for the Award.