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Hello everyone. I hope you are all well under these crazy circumstances.

How are you building in mask breaks to your CC or AS sessions, beyond the normal morning and afternoon breaks? Are you strategically building in shorter, more frequent breaks or are you asking participants to take a mask break as needed?

Thanks in advance. Grateful for this community:)

Toni Prickett
04.10.2020 г.

Hi, Dina!

I have done little face-to-face training during this pandemic, but the ones I have done, I've done a combination. Given all that is going on, people seem to need more frequent breaks to check in with their buildings. As well, I tell them upfront to take breaks as they need to, and that their partners, table groups, etc will help them re-integrate with the group and the content when they return (which is basically what I have always said anyway). Seems we need to be extremely flexible right now!

Hope you are also well and surviving this pandemic. Sometime every day, I find myself trying to remember that at least we are one day closer to some sort of resolution!




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