Thinking Collaborative Presenters’ Forum

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Coming in September 2020! Denver, Colorado
The Presenters’ Forum is offered every two years. Contact the directors for more information.
What is the Presenters’ Forum?

The Presenters’ Forum is a workshop designed to support all those who wants to develop their skills in making effective presentations; educators, as well as leaders in any field who regularly present to others, will benefit from the Forum. The Forum follows a constructivist-based design and teaches “best practices” of presenting. Participants will engage in a highly interactive seminar throughout the Forum.

What is Presenting?

To present is to teach. A presenter’s goals are to extend and enrich knowledge, skills, or attitudes and to help these to be applied in people’s work. A presenter may adopt many stances (e.g., expert, colleague, novice, friend) and use many strategies of presentation (e.g., lecture, cooperative learning, study groups.) Premier presenters are guided by clarity of instructional outcomes and the continual assessment of goal achievement.

What is the Structure of the Forum?

The Forum will take place in two parts. Part 1 is the first three days and can be attended by anyone wanting to refine his/her presentation skills; Part 2 is the 4th day and is designed for trainers/developing trainers who want to refine their skills in conducting seminars in Cognitive CoachingSM, Adaptive Schools, or Habits of Mind.

Participants can register for Part 1 or both parts. Both parts are required to become a Cognitive CoachingSM or Adaptive Schools Training Associate (national and international consultant) and highly recommended for those wishing to become an Agency Trainer (district or other agency-based trainer).


Photos from previous Presenters’ Forums

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Forum Dates: See You In 2020!
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