Roberto Martinez





Roberto Antonio Martinez has served the students and families of the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1985.  He served as an elementary and secondary teacher at various schools before moving on to an administrative position at the middle and senior high school level.   Prior to being appointed as the principal of Los Angeles High School and Wilson High School, he worked as an Operations Administrator in Local District E, Los Angeles.  He was appointed Superintendent of Local District 5 in 2009 and has continued to serve as Instructional Area Superintendent in Educational Service Center East.

In 2004, while serving as principal at Los Angeles Senior High School, and working alongside Dr. Frances Gipson, Mr. Martinez ensured that all new teachers be trained in Adaptive Schools.  Since that time all administrators, coordinators and out of classroom personnel, whom he supervises and who provide services to the 150 schools in East, are trained in Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching.  The ripple effect has been so great that hundreds of school personnel and administrators are being trained yearly throughout Los Angeles Unified School District.