Adaptive Schools Advanced Seminar

Developing and Facilitating Collaborative Groups
A Leadership Institute for Creating and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities

Learn how to build collaborative professional cultures that improve student achievement. This practical leadership institute immerses you in a supportive and stimulating seminar environment to explore the latest findings in developing strong professional learning communities that share collective responsibility for student learning.

You will acquire new conceptual maps, increased confidence, and expanded strategies for strengthening adult working groups. Join us to extend your skills in promoting a spirit of collective inquiry within groups, resolving conflict, developing consensus and harnessing collaborative energies toward sustained improvement.
This learning experience is specially designed for educators who conduct meetings, serve on work teams, site councils, decision-making groups and faculty committees. Site-based and district leadership teams are encouraged to attend.

Prerequisite: four-day Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar.

You will develop:
• an increased capacity to initiate, develop and sustain high functioning learning communities.
• an expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools.
• new lenses and tools for working with conflict.
• skills for modeling and teaching patterns of professional inquiry.
• templates and tools for teaching collaborative group skills to others.