Skills Builders

Using Data to Mediate Thinking
The coach’s use of data and mediative questions are critical to self-directed learning. This Skill Builder invites participants to go deeper in how data provides a catalyst for making meaning. It opens with a historical perspective on how schools have added data use to school improvement processes. Other topics for review and practice include:

  • 5 Forms of Feedback
  • How Data is Used in Each of the Four Support Functions
  • How Data is Used in the Planning and Reflecting Maps
  • Introduction of the Calibrating Conversation
  • Reflective Questions for Analyzing Data
  • Tools for Teams to Analyze Data

Reflecting and Planning Coaching Maps
The Planning and Reflecting Map are essential for those wishing to establish regular coaching cycles as well as serving as templates for conversations to guide self-directed learning. This Skill Builder provides an in-depth review of the maps with consideration given as to why each region supports the planning or reflecting process. Extensive practice is included in this Skill Builder in order to assist participants in internalizing these two maps.

Coaching Tools
Coaches must be skillful with four coaching tools in order to effectively mediate thinking and remain in the coaching support function. Participants will self-assess their current skill level. They will review and practice each of the four tools: rapport, pausing, paraphrasing, and posing mediative questions. Practice will focus on using the essential coaching pattern of pause, paraphrase, pause, pose a question in the context of planning and reflecting.

The Problem-Resolving Map
This map is the most sophisticated map learned in the Foundation Seminar®. This module invites participants to continue to study the concept of Cognitive Shift in the context of supporting others who are in low resource and are seemingly stuck. The skills of Pacing and Leading are revisited as well as a deep dive into considering how the States of Mind are resources for moving from Existing State to Desired State. Extensive practice is embedded in this Skill Builder.