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Sustaining the Journey

The Gift of Pausing

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Thinking Collaborative


March 10, 2014

Pausing is a challenging skill for many coaches. The brief silence of 3-5 seconds is important to both the coach and the coachee. When a person pauses speaking, breathing occurs. This breathing created by the pause oxygenates the brain and increases the capacity of the brain. The pause allows both the coach and the coachee time to think. Pausing before paraphrasing is especially critical. If one crafts a paraphrase while the other person is talking, then there is less effective listening. During the pause, the coach makes meaning of the words of the other person and develops a responsive paraphrase. Simultaneously, the coachee is thinking.

This week give yourself the gift of extraordinary consciousness regarding pausing. Notice the effects and what went on internally for yourself that allowed you to pause effectively.

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