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The Planning Conversation Map: Reflect on the Coaching Process

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Thinking Collaborative


December 02, 2013

This past month our focus has been on the Planning Conversation Map:

Clarify goals
Specify success indicators and a plan for collecting evidence
Anticipate approaches, strategies, decisions and how to monitor them
Establish personal learning focus and processes for self-assessment
Reflect on the coaching processand explore refinements

The last region of the map reflects on the coaching process. It provides feedback to the coach. It also allows the planner to synthesize his/her thinking during the conversation. This region may not be visited in every Planning Conversation, but it should be considered periodically. It is the heart of reciprocity in learning, signaling that the coach is a learner as well.

Some possible questions might be:

What are some things that have assisted your thinking in our conversation?
How are you feeling about our work together today?
As you reflect on our conversation, what feedback might you give me?
What has been most helpful to you today?