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Bernadette Howard

Bernadette leads the Educational Leadership unit within the Tasmanian Professional Learning Institute (PLI). With a wealth of experience in all sectors of education in Tasmania, Bernadette has had and continues to have a significant impact on the professional growth and learning of staff within the Tasmanian Department of Education and beyond.

Bernadette has held a number of educational leadership roles during her career, both within and outside of schools. In each of these roles, Bernadette has been driven by her unswerving belief in the power of ongoing professional learning for herself and others as the vehicle for continuous improvement in professional practice, and the direct impact this has on student learning outcomes.

As a teacher, principal and consultant, kindergarten to adult learning, Bernadette is passionate about developing adaptivity, self-directedness and capacity in others. Her commitment and success in growing this culture in educational settings have made her an in-demand presenter and mentor. Bernadette is an internationally accredited coach, facilitator and presenter, who continues to coach principals, school leadership teams and adults from diverse workforces. The design and presentation of Bernadette’s professional learning are recognised and sought out nationally.

Bernadette is a lifelong learner herself, actively seeking out opportunities to improve her own skills, knowledge and practice, so that the work she does with others is always of the highest quality. She has achieved and maintains accreditation with Thinking Collaborative as a Cognitive Coaching and Adaptive Schools Trainer. Bernadette has been presenting the Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching Seminars® across Australia for over 10 years.

In 2018, Bernadette was awarded the Principals Australia Institute’s John Laing Award for exceptional leadership in providing professional learning for school leaders and teachers.



Devonport, TAS, Australia
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