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A global community of collaborators, mediators of thinking, inquirers, and leaders committed to providing rich  learning experiences for all participants.

Terrie Rathburn

Terrie Rathburn is an Education Specialist with S_TEM Centers SC. Her work currently focuses on integrating literacy into mathematics and science classrooms, as well as supporting teachers in implementing inquiry-based teaching strategies.

Terrie�s expertise includes the effective integration of handheld and mobile technology in the STEM classroom, as well as design and development of blended learning instructional plans.

Recently, Terrie has been deepening her understanding of coaching relationships through study of Glaser�s Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. Terrie is also focused on continuing to grow her expertise in blended learning and teacher-led teams.



Anderson, SC, USA
Cognitive CoachingSM
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