Teacher Leadership

Educational practices are under major transition from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning that prepares all students to be college and career ready. Principals are striving to develop leadership within the teacher ranks in order to support these significant reforms.  This three-day training will provide teacher leaders with the mindsets and skill sets to take on new and expanded leadership roles.  Outcomes for the three days are:


Day 1

Reflection on what it means to be a leader of learning

Understanding of the importance of identity

Application of frameworks for leadership

Understanding of adult learning theory

Awareness of research on trust in schools


Day 2

Awareness of points of intervention for successful leadership

Distinguish dialogue and discussion

Skill with paraphrasing and asking questions for growth

Understanding of characteristics of effective meetings

Repertoire of strategies for use in meeting facilitation


Day 3

Consciousness about mental models of change

Understanding of the research on change in schools

Understanding of how to facilitate and sustain change

Understanding of human uniqueness