Thinking Collaborative Offerings 2019

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Four Hats of Shared Leadership
Presenters’ ForumPresenting SkillsTeacher Leadership
1 day3 or 4 days2 days2 or 3 days
Introduces participants to the work of thinking collaborative. Four hats of Coaching, Consulting, Presenting, and Facilitating are shared with scaffolds for each.

Shared Leadership

This training serves anyone wishing to become a trainer for Thinking Collaborative offerings as well as serving those who regularly present to adults. The last day of the Forum is designed to focus on AS, CC, or HOM.

Presenters' Forum

Clients can contract with Thinking Collaborative to provide premier presentation skills training for local audiences.

Presenting Skills

Participants will explore domains of teacher leadership and develop skills for supporting adult learning communities. A focus on change theory will provide frameworks for working with diverse needs and audiences.

Teacher Leadership

Facilitation SkillsGroup CoachingAS RefreshersCC Skill Builders
2 days1 dayTBDTBD
In this two-day seminar, participants will acquire and refine maps and tools to increase flexibility, confidence, and authenticity as a facilitator. As Garmston and Wellman explained in the Adaptive School: A Sourcebook for Developing Collaborative Groups (2016), "A facilitator manages processes so that a group can plan, problem solve, share information, evaluate, and make decisions efficiently and effectively. A facilitator also works to improve group members’ ability to work together effectively and helps groups to improve their processes.”

Facilitation Skills

The outcomes for this two day seminar include:
• Expanded vision and motivation for using knowledge of CC to impact groups
• Mental frameworks for group coaching
During the seminar participants will explore the benefits and challenges of group coaching and will examine the similarities and differences of one-on-one coaching to group coaching.
Other topics include group States of Mind and possible personal applications.

Group Coaching

The Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar provides training in the fundamental understanding of the principles and practices of Adaptive Schools. Refreshers are intended to develop mastery in authentic settings. They are not intended to teach new knowledge and skills, but instead to provide formative feedback on proficiency with the skills and concepts while developing self-directedness in groups to assist them in becoming self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying.

AS Refreshers

CC Skill Builders are designed to build mastery around the maps and tools of Cognitive Coachingsm . The four main components of the Skill Builders are:
• Data To Mediate Thinking
• Planning and Reflecting
• Problem Resolving
• Tools CC Proficiency

CC Skill Builders

Calibrating Conversation
The Calibrating Conversation is a fourth map of Cognitive CoachingSM designed to support evaluators and coaches who strive to support self-directed learning in those they supervise.
This map utilizes a rubric or other standards instrument to support teachers in self-assessing by using data and setting goals for continued growth.

This one day training is designed for evaluators wishing to refine their skills in coaching while integrating coaching into their evaluation process.

Continued Calibrating continued:

Outcomes for participants are:

• Expanded and refined skills in mediating thinking through the Calibrating Conversations
• Application of the Calibrating Conversation structure in their own workplace setting
• Capacity to promote professional growth through the evaluation process
• Increased skill with the tools of rapport, pausing, paraphrasing, and posing questions

Prerequisite: Days 1-4 or Days 1-8 of Cognitive CoachingSM

Calibrating Conversation