Unlocking Group Potential for Improving Schools

Two-Day Session

Robert J. Garmston
Co-author of title above

Develop a practical repertoire of strategies to improve professional work in committees, PLC’s and meetings of any type. Designed for department chairs, teacher leaders, administrators, mentors, PLC leaders and curriculum professionals this two day session develops understandings of how leaders and group members can make group work efficient and effective, practical and productive. Research reveals that some groups are smarter than others and this session teaches the common sense factors that enable groups to solve complex problems with greater ease than less capable groups. Leadership in the best teams is distributed and each participant will learn facilitation skills essential to successful group functioning and to classroom instruction. All groups face worst-case scenarios of intractable members or disruptive events. Participants will learn how to minimize these occurrences and intervene to correct them when they arise.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Learn what group members do to influence meeting effectiveness
  • Acquire five standards for meetings that produce maximum affects in minimum time with a maximum amount of group member satisfaction
  • Illuminate winning classroom strategies transferable to productive meetings
  • Assess when and how to engage in two ways of talking
  • Gain strategies for managing collective conflict
  • Build working agreements and adopt norms of collaboration
  • Learn ways to intervene with counterproductive behavior in meetings, PD session, and PLC’s
  • Examine pitfalls in decision making models and forge realistic methods
  • Construct action driven agendas

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