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Four Hats of Shared Leadership


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Build capacity to know one's intentions and choose the congruent hat

This one-day overview serves as an introduction to the work of Thinking Collaborative. In today’s organizations, leadership is a shared function for which each member takes responsibility. In order to do so, members must understand the four hats of shared leadership (coaching, consulting, presenting, and facilitating) that are worn at different times. Building capacity to know one’s intentions and choose the congruent hat is a goal of this workshop. In depth knowledge of the hats is developed in more extended workshops.




•Distinguish between and among the Four Leadership Hats of coaching, consulting, presenting and facilitating

•Understand the capabilities associated with each of the Four Hats

•Use self-assessment tools to support growth as a leader

•Apply maps and tools for effectively and efficiently wearing each of the Four Hats

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