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Virtual Cognitive Coaching Overview


audience | 

organizations looking to learn more about Cognitive CoachingSM before scheduling a foundation seminar

day(s) | 

2 hours

goal | 

Understanding of the what and why of Cognitive CoachingSM and how it supports increased individual potential

Schedule this 2-hour overview to better understand Cognitive CoachingSM and how it can increase individual potential. Participants will gain an understanding of the essence of and "why" of Cognitive CoachingSM, observe a coaching conversation, and experience an introduction to the tools.


•Mission of Cognitive CoachingSM
•Five States of Mind
•Four Support Functions
•Cognitive CoachingSM Tools Overview


•Understanding of the essence of Cognitive CoachingSM
•Understanding of the “Why?” of Cognitive CoachingSM
•Understanding of Four Support Function
•Introduction to the Tools of Cognitive CoachingSM

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