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Thinking Collaborative provides individuals and organizations strategies, skills and concepts to establish and sustain structures for thinking and collaborating that result in increased performance and resourcefulness.

Our seminars are a collective of two organizations:
Adaptive Schools Seminars (formerly The Center for Adaptive Schools) and
Cognitive Coaching Seminars® (formerly The Center for Cognitive Coaching).

Thinking Collaborative Seminars

Adaptive Schools Seminars

Developing Collaborative Teams

Educational and non-educational environments benefit from our consulting, coaching and seminars, providing skills development, improved collaboration and increased capacity for teams to reach greater levels of success.

Adaptive Schools Seminars include:

  • Foundation Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Proficiency Modules
  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation Skills

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One-Day Overview

Cognitive Coaching Seminars®

Increased Individual Potential

Cognitive Coaching℠ is a model that supports individuals and organizations in becoming self-directed, and in turn, become self-managing, self-monitoring and self-modifying. The results are stronger individuals within a team and better organizational teams overall.

Cognitive Coaching Seminars® include:

  • Foundation Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Group Coaching
  • Calibrating Conversation Training
  • Proficiency Modules
  • Application Academies

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One-Day Overview

More From Thinking Collaborative

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Jenny Edwards’ Research

Thinking Collaborative is pleased to announce that Jenny Edwards’ Research on Cognitive Coaching sm and the Handbook of Action Research are now available!  Click on the “Research”tab and select the links.

Navigate between and within coaching maps and support functions to guide mediational interactions

This capability is specific to Cognitive CoachingSM. Coaches may sometimes begin in one map, e.g., planning, and realize the person needs to have a problem-resolving conversation. The coach requires conscious attention to the meaning of the communication and needs of the person. Planning is about being precise in preparation for a future event. Reflecting is [...]


Sale Items!

We are pleased to announce that Cognitive Coaching℠: Weaving Threads of Learning and Change into the Culture of an Organization is now on sale! Click here for more information

Skill Builder

During Foundation Training for Adaptive Schools, trainers introduce participants to explore Seven Norms of Collaboration. They have been explained on this website this way, “The seven norms of collaboration are essential capacities and skills for high-performing groups. They operate within several practical frameworks that help groups to develop shared meaning and gracefully reach decisions.” This [...]