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Adaptive Schools & Cognitive Coaching SM


Browse books that have been developed and published by our incredible community of trainers. Their work demonstrates a commitment to being adapative in the education and learning landscape.


December 2019

Culturally Proficient Coaching: Supporting educators to create equitable schools. 2nd ed.

Delores B. Lindsey, Richard S. Martinez, Randall B. Lindsey, Keith T. Myatt

This book is written to support educators as equity coaches. Coaches, using the lens cultural proficiency, uses meditative questions for educators to examine values, beliefs, and assumptions about how students learn and how educators teach and reach all students. This edition includes a section on crafting Breakthrough Questions to shift mindsets and overcome barriers to teaching and learning.


Delores Lindsey


July 2020

Leading Learning Organizations with Habits of Mind

Arthur L. Costa, Ed.D. & Bena Kallick, Ph.D

This ebook aims to capture those common skills and processes through a set of dispositions, 16 Habits of Mind, that will operationalize your commitment to communication, problem solving, cooperation, and innovation today and in the future.


Arthur L. Costa


August 2018

Storytelling Study Companion: The Astonishing Power of Storytelling: Leading, Teaching, and Transforming in a New Way

Robert Garmston and Michael Dolcemascolo

This Storytelling Study Companion offers a roadmap for a collective journey through The Astonishing Power of Storytelling: Leading, Teaching, and Transforming in a New Way by Robert J. Garmston.
While this Storytelling Study Companion is for pairs or small groups conversing either face-to-face or connected by phone or the Internet, anyone may be able to use it, even individuals or classes.


Michael Dolcemascolo


September 2019

Transforming Teamwork: Cultivating Collaborative Cultures

Diane P. Zimmerman, James L. Roussin & Robert J. Garmston

Discover how psychological safety, constructive conflict and actionable learning can transform your team! In this ground-breaking resource, three experts (Zimmerman, Roussin & Garmston) present a DNA of successful teamwork that leads to a transformative way of working.


James Lloyd Roussin



Pursuing Greatness: Empowering Teacher to Take Charge of Their Professional Growth

Pete Hall, Alisa Simeral, Bryan Goodwin, Bj Stone, and Bess Scott

In Pursuing Greatness, the authors have organized two dozen of the most common teacher problems of practice into six pathways and provided self-reflection guidance and tools to solve them. Teachers will gain research-based insights into why each strategy works, tips for how to apply it, and an opportunity to reflect on how it affects your own teaching and learning. Each problem of practice helps teachers understand the power of self-reflection to take charge of their own professional growth, achieve deeper insights into their own strengths, and get better engagement from students.


Bess Scott


December 2010

A Facilitator's Guide to Online Professional Development: Establishing Communities of Learning and Cultures of Thinking

Carol Brooks Simoneau

This guide helps clarify the knowledge, attitudes, practices, and skills used by exemplary online professional development facilitators & those who maintain focus on their learners and assess their current and future needs to match the curve of their learning. The approach offers research-based, practical strategies applicable to a number of online situations and settings. The authors believe that online learning communities organized around collaborative inquiry and collective problem solving allow learners to be co-creators of knowledge within a risk-free, trusting environment.


Carol Brooks Simoneau


June 2020

Teachers as Architects of Learning

Gavin Grift and Clare Major

Craft a personal blueprint for teaching that ensures student learning stands as the foundation of your classroom. Drawing on research from the field, reflections from teachers, and the authors' professional experience, Teachers as Architects of Learning guides educators in building their wisdom around the art of teaching. Find new and successful ways to plan, implement, discuss, question, model, and more.


Gavin Grift


November 2015

Teacher Self-Supervision: Why Teacher Evaluation Has Failed and What We Can Do About It

William Powell & Ochan Kusuma Powell

Traditional teacher evaluation is a failed system that is time and energy consuming and doesn't improve student learning. Instead, we advocate for an approach to teacher professional learning that capitalizes on teacher strengths, to empower them and support them in their own learning. It's time for a change.


Ochan Kusuma Powell


May 2021

HeartSpace: Rituals and Practices for awakening and revisioning yourself, others, work, life

Kendall Zoller and Antonia Issa Lahera

HeartSpace is a set of rituals and relationship focused practices, organized so that some predictable things will occur. HeartSpace creates a space and pathway where people come together to grow personally and grow collectively as they get things done. These practices provide a deeply personal experience for each individual, are highly efficient, help people feel good and promote outcomes.


Kendall Zoller


April 2019

Formative Assessment Made Easy

Dr. Kelly Gillespie and Dr. Susan Jenkins

Check for Understanding: 65 Classroom-Ready Tactics Formative Assessment Made Easy! In Visible Learning, John Hattie describes a powerful strategy to enhance student learning: formative assessment (effect size .90). Implemented with fidelity, the result is assessment-capable learners, a pivotal skill for post-secondary success. Are my students learning?Join us in reimagining formative assessment: a fluid, robust, daily practice. Step-by-Step Activation Guide 65 Tactics to Check for Understanding Live-Action Classroom Videos for Each Tactic


Kelly Gillespie

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