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Electrican's Tools

A collection of supporting documents and resources for sustaining the journey, building craftsmanship, and self-reflection. 

Cognitive Coaching℠ Resources

CC Sourcebook Videos.png
Source Book Videos
Calibrating Conversation Look_Listen Fors.png
Calibrating Conversation
Look & Listen-Fors
CC In Retrospect_ Why It Persists.png
Cognitive Coaching℠ In Retrospect: Why It Persists
Is Peer Coaching Changing Supervisory.png
Is Peer Coaching Changing Supervisory?
CC Sourcebook Study Guide.png
Source Book Study Guide
Self-Directed Evaluation. Conversation.png
Self-Directed Evaluation
Conversation for Growth
Coaching Conversations with Art, Bob, & Jim K.png
Coaching Conversations with
Art, Bob, & Jim Knight
Self-Directed Resource for Cognitive Coaching℠ Mastery
CC. Related Literature.png
Related Literature
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