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See how to use Cognitive Coaching as a means to support students, parents, and teachers! At a time when principals are being asked to do more and more with less and less, the authors of this guide argue that when principals are supported by coaching it impacts their efficacy, consciousness, interdependence, flexibility, and craftmanship--while helping them internalize the processes for supporting teachers, students, and parents in those same ways. Through authentic examples, sample coaching conversations and research, the authors show you how coaches encourage and support the development of the principal. You explore the changing nature of the principalship; learn the intentions, purposes, and processes of Cognitive Coaching; see how other principals' lives might change if Cognitive Coaching were a routine part of the support system; learn insights into the metacognition of a Cognitive Coach, and much more.

Effective School Leadership: Developing PrincipalsThrough Cognitive Coaching

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