Cognitive Coaching Advanced Seminar Parts 1 and 2

A Leadership Institute for Deepening and Extending Your Identity as a Mediator

This seminar will immerse you in deeper learning about the principles and practices of Cognitive CoachingSM and prepare those wishing to become trainers for the next steps of their development. You will master concepts and skills from the Foundation Seminar® at a higher level of understanding and skill through rich practice and feedback experiences. You will learn a new map, the Calibrating Conversation for use with a set of standards for performance. Knowledge of the States of Mind and how to mediate for them will be emphasized. Your capacity to coach for cognitive shift will be enhanced.

The experiences of this week will support any school leader in the coaching and supervision of teachers as well as developing skills which are applicable in the classroom and in one’s personal life.

Prerequisite: Completion of Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar®


    • Deeper understanding of the missions of Cognitive CoachingSM and the goal of the Foundation Seminar®
    • Efficacy and Craftsmanship with the maps and tools of Cognitive CoachingSM
    • Understanding of coaching for deep structure
    • Understanding of how Cognitive CoachingSM aligns with brain research
    • Deeper understanding of Support Functions and States of Mind
    • Expanded possibilities of and applications for our identities as mediators
    • Personal coaching mastery framed as a journey, not a destination