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Back to Basics: Identity as a Mediator

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Thinking Collaborative


April 06, 2015

In Cognitive CoachingSM, we work to develop an identity as a mediator. Just what does that mean? Reuven Feuerstein writes, it in his book Beyond Smarter:

“Mediation is an intentional interaction with the learner, the purpose of which is to enhance the learner’s understanding beyond the immediate experience and to help the learner to apply what is learned in broader contexts…”

A key word for coaches is the word, “intentional.” The first capability of a coach is, “to know one’s intention and choose congruent behaviors.” When our intention is to act as a mediator it means we behave in the following ways:

• alert to the mediational moment

• facilitate mental processes toward self-directed learning

• maintain faith in the human capacity for continuing intellectual, social, and emotional growth

• possess a belief in one’s capacity to serve as an empowering catalyst for others’ growth

• not the solver of another person’s problems

• shine a spotlight of awareness on data in the environment

How are you operating from this identity? What specific times have you done so? Which actions have you been intentional about in the last week? How might you become more intentional this week? What are some ways you might monitor your success?


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