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Desert Highway
Thoughtful writing authored and shared by members of of the Thinking Collaborative community to support others on the journey.

Sustaining the Journey

Breathing Renewed Life into Our Work: Planting the Seeds

Authored By:

Ericka Harris, Training Associate and member of the Thinking Collaborative Futures Team


May 06, 2019

Spring renews life in nature. Trees bloom. flowers burst free showing off their colors. Birds return to sing their songs and the grass turns green under our feet. The sun stays high in the sky offering time and space for those longing to feel its warmth and gift of lazy days.

This month, let’s focus on renewing our commitment, passion, and energy for this work. There will be four opportunities for you to ponder quotations.

• You will need your journal to take notes, reflect on the short passages, and to write “Look Fors” to support your continued blooming.

• Please commit to spending ten minutes a day to recharge and reflect.

• Consider these prompts to ignite the power within:

a. What do you see in the quotation that supports your role?

b. What does the quotation make you think about/remember?

c. About what does the quotation make you wonder?

DAY ONE: Strong Determination

“You continually reaffirm your strong longing to continue with your work.

You are pleased to wake up in the morning and pleased to go to bed at night.”

Margaret J. Wheatley, Perseverance


“Once again, we had learned an important lesson: the power of one person to unite the group, the power of one person to inspire those around him, to give them hope. If that one person… could sing while neck deep in mud, then so could we. If that one person could endure the freezing cold, then so could we. If that one person could hold on, then so could we…We will all find ourselves neck deep in mud someday. That is the time to sing loudly, to smile broadly, to lift up those around you and give them hope that tomorrow will be a better day.”

William H. McRaven, Make Your Bed


“We pay special attention to what we are expecting to see, hear, feel, or taste.”

David Rock, Quiet Leadership

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