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Sustaining the Journey

Cognitive Capital

Authored By:

Thinking Collaborative


May 05, 2015

TThinking Collaborative highly recommends the book, Cognitive Capital: Investing in Teacher Quality, by Arthur Costa, Robert Garmston and Diane Zimmerman. It explores in great depth how the five States of Mind of Cognitive CoachingSM develop excellence in schools. The book addresses both the individual and the collective of resource of cognitive capital. A favorite quote from the book is:

Efficacy generates effort.

Flexibility expands repertoire.

Craftsmanship leads to fidelity.

Consciousness informs improvement.

Interdependence increases intelligence and commitment.

How many leaders see their work as developing the cognitive capital of their schools? Imagine how tasks might be approached differently if that were the goal. As you work with colleagues this week, make a conscious effort to examine these States of Mind and use your coaching skills to enhance the resources in your workplace.

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