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Sustaining the Journey

Cognitive Shift: Craftsmanship

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Thinking Collaborative


February 04, 2013

The final state of mind we will examine in relationship to cognitive shift is craftsmanship. When we think of genuine craftsmanship such words as precision, quality, excellence, clarity, focus, and striving come to mind. The challenge of craftsmanship is the tension between striving for it and having it. Both are required. A student can work hard at something in a craftsman-like way and still produce an inferior product. This is not craftsmanship. Some questions that invite cognitive shift in this arena include:

What data will serve you in judging your performance?

What specific actions and steps might be critical in your decision-making?

Given your knowledge of the research base in this area, what are the most important things you might consider?

Consider those you are working with this week. What are some craftsmanship questions you might ask that enhance this internal resource?

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