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Desert Highway
Thoughtful writing authored and shared by members of of the Thinking Collaborative community to support others on the journey.

Sustaining the Journey

Construct New Learnings

Authored By:

Thinking Collaborative


June 20, 2016

In this region of the Cognitive Coaching Reflection Map the learner moves from analysis on Bloom’s taxonomy to synthesis. We invite the coachee(s) to move from breaking down the experience to making meaning at a higher level of thinking. This region invites a person to find a big idea or ideas that are most important to them. It is developing a generalization from data and analysis that is significant to the learner. It is the essence of constructivism, asking the learner to create, define, and name his/her insights.

Some questions might be:

What is important to you in this experience?

What key ideas do you want to remember?

What is your most important learning from this work?

How will you be different as a result of this analysis you have done?

Using June as a time to reflect, what are some key learnings you might focus on?

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