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Sustaining the Journey

Effective Action as a Future Curriculum

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Thinking Collaborative


January 23, 2017

A second course curriculum proposed by Prensky (see January 9 Sustaining the Journey) is Effective Action. It includes the following possible areas of exploration.

Habits of Highly Effective People







Breaking Barriers

Project Management

Prensky says we expect kids to be able to act in these ways, but we rarely teach them or hold them accountable for these actions. Curriculum for teaching these already exist, but are used only sparsely in schools. He proposes that children be immersed in them with an expectation they practice them every day.

How might these become outcomes of our teaching rather than just things we hope for in our children? As the old song says, “You have to be carefully taught.” Where are these being taught in your schools? What might you consider letting go of to emphasize these actions instead?

Source: Prensky, Marc. “The world needs a new curriculum.” Educational Technology. May-June 2014.

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