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Generations as a Filter of Perception

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Thinking Collaborative


June 02, 2014

The Multigenerational Workplace by Jennifer Abrams and Valerie von Frank defines a generation as “an identifiable group that shares birth years, age, location, and significant life events at critical developmental stages. They discuss four generations currently in the workplace:

Traditionalists born from 1922-43

Baby Boomers born from 1944-1964

Gen Xers born from 1965-1981

Millennials born from 1982-2000

The authors believe that understanding some common characteristics of other generations can lead to more productive collaboration. As coaches and collaborators we bring our own generational filters of perception to our workplace. The State of Mind of Consciousness assists us in acting with awareness and intention about our own filters. The State of Mind of Flexibility allows us to have empathy for others and to try to understand other perspectives.

In the next weeks, we will explore some of the characteristics of the generations and how they impact us as inquirers, collaborators and mediators. This week take stock of which generations you are working with in your own work groups. Begin to think about how your own generational filters might be impacting how you perceive your work and your collaborations with others. When are you most conscious of the generational differences? How do you consciously use flexibility to navigate your differences?

Source: The Multigenerational Workplace by Jennifer Abrams and Valerie von Frank

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