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Sustaining the Journey

Know When to Self Assert and When to Integrate

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Thinking Collaborative


September 15, 2014

In exploring the capabilities, “Know When to Self Assert and When to Integrate,” is unique to Adaptive Schools. It connects to “knowing one’s intentions and choosing congruent behaviors” because it requires clarity about one’s own intentions and those of the group. It draws on the State of Mind of consciousness. Integration means a person chooses to align with the group’s needs for content, process, and decisions, even at times when the person may not fully agree. S/he defers in order to support a greater purpose than his/her’s own. Self-assertion may mean advocating for a process or content or it might be a request to the group regarding an unmet need. The masterful group member manages the tension of holonomy between the individual and the group’s needs by consciously making choices driven by this capability.

As you interact with groups this week, consider your decisions about self-assertion and integration. What criteria might you be using for each? Do you tend more towards one or the other? What do you notice about the effects of your decisions on the group?

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