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Sustaining the Journey

Managing Change by Managing Transitions—New Beginnings

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Thinking Collaborative


July 24, 2017

According to William Bridges, Managing Transitions, organizations and individuals go through three transitional phases when lasting change occurs:

1. Endings (losing, letting go)

2. The neutral zone

3. New beginnings

Last week, we studied the second phase, the neutral zone. This week we’ll explore the third phase, new beginnings.

New beginnings require courage to embrace the change and to launch forward into a new situation. In a new beginning lives hope, growth, development, and possibilities.

To support yourself in new beginnings, set clear objectives based on your own purpose, your vision of success, and your career plan. Seek out the knowledge and skills that you need. Practice your new skills in low risk settings. Recognize your successes…and FIND A COACH!

As a leader, help your colleagues to grow the skills and knowledge they will need to move forward with efficacy and craftsmanship. Give people roles to play in the plan. Create focus groups to regularly review the plan and to provide feedback about communications before they are released. Celebrate your journey and your collective success. Reflect on the experience and create a vivid picture of how the new beginning will look and feel.

Next week…mediating your thinking around transition!

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