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Sustaining the Journey

Posing Mediative Questions—Plural Forms

Authored By:

Thinking Collaborative


July 09, 2018

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” —Thomas Berger

In your Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar and/or your Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar®, you learned that questions can transform thinking. The skillfulness with which you pose questions can be the key to inviting more complex thinking.

The second element of an invitational question is plural forms. When a plural form is embedded in a question, the person is invited to broaden their thinking beyond a single response. A coach/facilitator exchanges the word “idea” for “ideas,” “strength” for “strengths,” “choice” for “choices” and offers, “What ideas come to mind?” “What strengths do you hold?” “What choices might be available?”

How might plural forms transform a coachee/group’s thinking? How might you practice plural forms this week?

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