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Sustaining the Journey

Problems Created by Group Fallacies

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Thinking Collaborative


January 26, 2015

The individual thought fallacies described on January 19th’s Sustaining the Thinking Collaborative Journey impact group capacities to make good decisions. Here are some of the patterns that were manifested in research with groups.

The Planning Fallacy is intensified in groups, as groups tend to be even more unrealistic in planning for accurate time and resource allocations.

Groups tend to persist and commit to actions that are failing more than individuals. The reputational pressures seem to exacerbate this tendency.

Groups also tend to be even more influenced by framing effects.

Consider an implementation of an innovation that your group is working on. How are these Group Fallacies manifesting themselves? Time seems to be a nemesis in American schools and is a manifestation of #1. What other examples come to mind?


Sunstein, C. & Hastie, R. (2014). Making Dumb Groups Smarter. Harvard Business Review, p. 90-98

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