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Sustaining the Journey

Revision to Cognitive Coaching Capability 3…the What

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Thinking Collaborative


January 15, 2018

After extensive study and rich dialogue with Art Costa and Bob Garmston, Thinking Collaborative has determined that the work of Cognitive CoachingSM would be best served with a revision to Capability 3. For years, Capability 3 has read “Adjust One’s Style Preferences.” Going forward, Capability 3 will now read, “Attune to and Adjust for Human Uniqueness.” This revision has been made with high consciousness of current global conditions and offers a hopefulness that this principle will provide the What, Why, and How for transformative action regarding human uniqueness. For the January Sustaining the Journey, we will explore this change in language and thinking:

It is important to understand filters. As human beings, we filter all incoming information from the world around us based on our own personal life learnings. Knowledge of our own and others’ filters offers us an opportunity to be flexible with verbals and nonverbals by attuning and adjusting.

Likewise, it is important to clarify the new language of Capability 3. The words “attune” and “adjust” were carefully chosen for the richness of the meaning that they offer. Attune is being aware, receptive, and harmonious. Adjust is synonymous with accustom, calibrate, and orient. Both “attune” and “adjust” are required to coach for human uniqueness.

Attuning is about preparing oneself to be receptive and aware of what the other person is bringing, both verbally and nonverbally. Attuning requires empathy, rapport, and consciousness of self and others. Adjusting means noticing first the needs of others and making adaptations of our own needs, biases, and preferences in order to genuinely connect and serve others. Both are necessary to truly achieve human rapport and understanding (Hayes, Merola, Simoneau, 2018).

• When is a time when you have attuned to and adjusted for another’s human uniqueness in your coaching?

• What impact did it have on your coachee’s thinking?

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