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Sustaining the Journey

The Planning Conversation Map—Personal Learning Focus

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Thinking Collaborative


November 18, 2013

In our review of the Planning Conversation Map, this week we will consider the region that addresses the personal learning focus.

Clarify goals

Specify success indicators and a plan for collecting evidence

Anticipate approaches, strategies, decisions and how to monitor them

Establish personal learning focus and processes for self-assessment

Reflect on the coaching processand explore refinements

This is the key element of the map for the planner’s learning as it moves the focus from the external event to the planner’s own growth. If the planner is to personalize the experience and make meaning of it, this region is critical. This region sets the individual up for Constructing New Learning in the Reflecting Conversation Map. Some possible questions are:

What are some things you want to be conscious of in yourself as you conduct this meeting?

What are some areas of personal growth in which you are stretching yourself?

How do you hope to grow from this experience?

If you were able to watch yourself from the balcony, what data would you be collecting about your performance?

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