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Sustaining the Journey

The Power of the Story

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Thinking Collaborative


May 01, 2017

This month Sustaining the Thinking Collaborative Journey is focusing on some of the micro-skills of presenting that are addressed in the Presenters Forum. The Forum is available to anyone wishing to become a more masterful presenter and to those wanting to become an Adaptive Schools or Cognitive CoachingSM trainer in association with Thinking Collaborative. This year’s Presenters Forum will be held in Lone Tree, Colorado, on September 18-21, 2017. Registration is available online at

How does a premier presenter choose to convey content? Carmine Gallo presents some interesting facts in advocating for the impact of telling a story as part of a presentation. She cites research from Uri Hasson at Princeton that showed fMRI evidence that speaker and listeners’ brains were in sync only when the speaker was telling a story.

She also reports on findings from a data firm, Quantified Communications, that found stories were 35% more persuasive and any other form of presentation and were 21% more likely to be remembered.

How are you incorporating stories into your presentations? How might you consider adding more to make your presentation more persuasive?

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