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Sustaining the Journey

The Question Burst Strategy, Part 3, Identify a Quest and Commit to It

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Thinking Collaborative


May 28, 2019

The final stage of the Question Burst strategy is a move toward action. Gregersen suggests picking one question that seems to reframe the problem originally presented. Pick something that seems different than how you have thinking and maybe makes you slightly uncomfortable.

Using the “five whys” strategy, developed by Sakichi Toyoda, ask yourself why the question you chose is so important or meaningful. Continue asking the why question as you answer. As you gain insights, commit to new pathways that have been illuminated for you. Also consider consulting with others about your insights.

How might you use these three steps in your organization to develop more divergent thinking?

What refinements might you make as you use the process. What keeps your organization from asking good questions to explore issues?

Source: “Better Brainstorming,” by Hal Gregersen (Harvard Business Review, March-April, 2018)

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