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Sustaining the Journey

The Reflecting Conversation Map: Analyze Causal Factors

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Thinking Collaborative


January 20, 2014

This week’s Sustaining the Journey continues a review of the Reflecting Conversation Map. The focus will be on the second region, “Analyze causal factors.”

Summarize impressions and recall supporting information/data

Analyze causal factors

Construct new learning(s)

Commit to application

Reflect on the coaching processand explore refinements

This region is the heart and soul of this map. The analysis of the data and the experience is the source of making meaning. The masterful coach spends a great deal of time in this region, asking at least 3-5 questions to invite analysis. The thinking that goes into looking at the causal factors in the experience is the source of new insight and learning. Without analysis, it is difficult to understand the experience. Analysis requires breaking down the whole and examination of parts. Page 75 in the Learning Guide provides rich examples of analysis questions for each State of Mind.

This week, take time to write specific analysis questions before engaging a colleague in a reflective conversation. Think about the cognitive processes of analysis and be certain to include those in your questions. Pay close attention to using elements of an invitation that ensure thinking will be invited rather than just questions that cause recall. Some examples might be:

What are some things that caused you to do that?

How did those actions affect the students?

As you reflect on your decisions, which ones seem most significant?

How did the experience compare to how you thought it might go?

What data did you collect during the meeting and how did it inform your thinking?

Before you work with a colleague in reflection this week, what are some key questions you might ask to assist them in the cognitive process of analysis?

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