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Sustaining the Journey

The Reflecting Conversation Map: Developing Meaning from an Experience

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Thinking Collaborative


January 06, 2014

For the next several weeks, we will review the Reflecting Conversation Map. Take a moment to review the regions of this map:

Summarize impressions and recall supporting information/data

Analyze causal factors

Construct new learning(s)

Commit to application

Reflect on the coaching processand explore refinements

The purpose of this map is to develop meaning from an experience. Without reflection, it is unlikely that learning will be clarified and transferred forward into the future. Reflection is not highly valued in American educational cultures as indicated by the fact that most schools structure “planning periods,” for teachers but not time for reflection. The purpose of reflection is to examine an experience through analysis and make conclusions and generalizations. For example, a teacher might conclude, “When I use visuals and manipulatives, more students understand the concepts.” This generalization transfers forward into other lessons, regardless of content.

As you examine your practice, what are some ways you promoting reflection in your colleagues and self?

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