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Sustaining the Journey

Three Meeting Goals

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Thinking Collaborative


April 27, 2015

In planning meetings, most leaders have a task to be accomplished, e.g., a decision, a product, a recommendation. Often, a leader will consider a process to achieve the goal, e.g., brainstorming, voting, Focusing Four.

The most neglected of the three meeting goals—task, process, group development—is the third, group development. Because of our task focus—getting things done—we often forget that things get done because groups have a culture of trust and collaboration. This goal is about energy, not things. Group development is not a given, but is developed through thoughtful process and leadership.

This week consider a meeting you are planning for. Ask yourself these questions:

What task needs to be accomplished?

What is the best process to make this happen?

How will this meeting and process build capacity for future success in this group?

As you answer the questions consider the following:

How have I assisted group members in becoming more trusting?

How have I ensured full participation by all group members?

How have I made each member feel safe to be vulnerable?

How do the processes allow each member to be authentic in sharing values and beliefs?

What parts of the process value diverse voices?

How have I distributed leadership?

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