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Why Stories are So Persuasive?

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Thinking Collaborative


February 12, 2018

We are delighted to share that Bob Garmston’s next publication will be available soon through Corwin Press. The draft title is The Power of Story Telling: How Leaders and Presenters Persuade. Bob has been gracious enough to allow us to give you a little preview this month.

We have all experienced a moment when a presenter or leader captured our hearts and minds through the almost magical sharing of a story. What are some that you can recall from your own experiences?

Dr. Garmston explains the power of story in the first two chapters of his book using both poignant stories and background from the neurosciences. He carefully models the power of the story in his writing. We learn that stories have far greater power than data to influence. Garmston states, stories

…are uniquely effective because: (1) they stimulate neurological changes that increase empathy; (2) they personalize presentation content, sending forth a gossamer filament that connects the audience and the presenter; (3) they open windows to the intuitive knowledge of an audience; and (4) they can tap the resources of the unconscious mind.

When is a time where you might tell a story instead of presenting data?

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