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Don Havenhill

Don Havenhill is a trainer and consultant for coaching, leadership, shifting math instruction, and data-informed action. His passion for students and their innate capacity for excellence is contagious. Don has served as a middle school & high school math teacher, instructional coach, and trainer since 2000.

As a teacher, Don was known for his calling to make a difference in the lives of his students. He continues that ethos as he works with teachers, site administrators, and district leaders to build capacity with a relentless focus on the best possible outcomes for all students. He works with districts to develop a shared vision, strategic plans, and facilitate data conversations.

Don is a contributing author to two papers on improving math instruction. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Pepperdine University and his master’s in Education from California Baptist University.

Don loves photography, woodworking, and traveling with his wife and five kids.


Eastvale, California, USA
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