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A global community of collaborators, mediators of thinking, inquirers, and leaders committed to providing rich  learning experiences for all participants.

Joyce Joyce

Joyce Joyce is an independent consultant focused on influencing learning through the ongoing development of leadership, collaboration and culture. From coaching of individuals to the facilitation of system change, Joyce teaches and applies the principals of adaptive organizations, adult development and current research on leading and learning. From her experiences as a therapist, principal and community superintendent in an 85K student public school system (30 years), a national consultant with a regional education laboratory (5 years), an Executive Director of Education for a national non-profit education and business coalition (5 years), and as a veteran Associate Trainer for Thinking Collaborative (17 Years), Joyce has experienced and contributed to positively impacting the patterns of system change from small rural towns to large urban communities. Committed to building capacity and capabilities in all, Joyce believes in the power of leadership and collaborative learning.

303 507 5821

Morrison , CO, USA
Adaptive Schools
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