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A global community of collaborators, mediators of thinking, inquirers, and leaders committed to providing rich  learning experiences for all participants.

Michele Tissiere

Michele comes to her partnerships from a learner stance with a collaborative spirit. She is committed to co-constructing engaging and empowering learning experiences to strengthen the capacity of each and every staff member to carry out the complex work of systemic school and districtwide change. Michele has deep experience coaching district and school staff both individually and in cohorts and teams, and designing and facilitating meetings, workshops, institutes, and school-based teams all in the service of fostering personal transformation and equitable school and district cultures.

Michele’s extensive experience as an elementary and secondary classroom teacher/advisor, and senior administrator in secondary schools for 20 plus years, and her 12 years as the associate director of an educational non-profit inform her coaching practice.

Michele is a Cognitive CoachingSM Training Associate. She is co-author of Engaged Classrooms: The Art and Craft of Reaching and Teaching All Learners; Shifting Gears: Recalibrating Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support; “Embedding Social and Emotional Learning in Secondary Classrooms” (white paper); Getting Advisory Right: Tools for Supporting Effective Advisories; and several articles. Michele lives in Denver, Colorado and loves cooking for a crowd, reading, writing, film, gardening, and a good laugh.


Denver, CO, USA
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