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Paige Richards

Paige is an educational consultant and coach with over 25 years of experience in education and leadership. Her work focuses on supporting schools and districts to strengthen skills and systems in order to benefit students. She believes students deserve to have a joyful and intellectually engaging school experience: one that builds on each and every student's strengths. With this in mind, Paige intentionally works to build capacity in teachers, administrators, and other education stakeholders.

Over the course of her career, Paige has worked for a statewide mathematics education nonprofit and served as a Teacher-in-Residence at a university and technical college for a National Science Foundation grant. She spent 18 years in large urban and suburban schools where she served in a variety of roles including district math specialist, elementary teacher, and special education teacher. Paige frequently presents at national and local conferences, writes graduate courses for teachers, and designs and facilitates adult learning.

Paige holds a B.S. in Exceptional Education Cognitive Disabilities and an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She served as chair of the Professional Development Services Committee for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) between 2019 and 2022. Paige also served as an elected board member of Wisconsin Mathematics Council (WMC) between 2010 and 2016. Paige is a Training Associate for Thinking Collaborative in Cognitive Coaching℠.



Milwaukee, WI, USA
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