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Sonya Mackenzie

Sonya Mackenzie is the general manager of professional learning at Hawker Brownlow Education. Sonya has worked for over 15 years with educators, school communities and education systems both nationally and internationally to build their capacity for self-directedness, collaboration and transformational classroom practices.

Sonya�s work supports educators in the challenge of developing mental models and practices that improve learning. Her prior work as a middle years teacher assisted her in developing specialised knowledge for working both in mainstream schools and remote Australian indigenous communities.

Sonya�s intuitive nature and professional experience have led her to deeply understand the demanding, unpredictable and critical importance of work in systems and schools. Her passion for student learning and wellbeing sits at the heart of her own leadership style and her subsequent work with educators.

Sonya�s recent work has focused on supporting systems and schools in embedding key aspects to the professional learning community process, with a particular emphasis on leading for cultural change. Her research into Cognitive Coaching in Australian schools had her recognised by the international community for her contributions to the field, providing insights into the tensions between coach identity and competing national discourses. Sonya is a certified Thinking Collaborative training associate for Cognitive Coaching�.

Sonya holds a Master of Education (International), a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training).



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