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Adaptive Schools Refreshers


audience | 

groups and individuals who have completed Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminars

day(s) | 


goal | 

Increased craftsmanship and efficacy for developing group self-directedness and effective collaboration

The Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar provides training in the fundamental understanding of the principles and practices of Adaptive Schools. Refreshers are intended to develop mastery in authentic settings. They are not intended to teach new knowledge and skills, but instead to provide formative feedback on proficiency with the skills and concepts while developing self-directedness in groups to assist them in becoming self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying.


The Refreshers are designed on the principle of gradual release of responsibility. In the early stages, the coach/facilitator models the processes of focusing on a specific skill and using data as feedback on authentic practice. After modeling, the coach/facilitator steps back and assists the group in taking responsibility for their own feedback processes.


For Refreshers, the job of the trainer of the Foundation Seminar shifts from presenter to coach and facilitator. The learner’s focus shifts from declarative to procedural knowledge. The work shifts from the training room to the school setting. The Refreshers are designed to use the meeting times of teams for authentic, job-embedded professional development. Additional time does not need to be found for new work or training.

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