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Calibrating Conversation


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evaluators wishing to refine their skills in coaching while integrating coaching into their evaluation process; must completed Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminars®

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Understanding of and skills for a Calibrating Conversation

The Calibrating Conversation is a fourth map of Cognitive CoachingSM designed to support evaluators and coaches who strive to support self-directed learning in those they supervise. This map utilizes a rubric or other standards instrument to support teachers in self-assessing by using data and setting goals for continued growth.


To calibrate means to establish the standard and mark the units shown on a measuring instrument. The Calibrating Conversation uses an externally generated, mutually agreed upon document to support the coachee’s thinking in measuring his/her progress as reflected on the document. The document provides a standard for performance and the coach uses the Calibrating Conversation Map to structure the interaction. Examples of documents are a teaching framework, an evaluation instrument, a rubric. Key to the Calibrating Conversation is that the document is externally generated, mutually agreed upon, and locally adopted as representing excellence in the field of endeavor. Also key is that the purpose of the calibrating conference is to support self-directed learning.


• Expanded and refined skills in mediating thinking through the Calibrating Conversations
• Application of the Calibrating Conversation structure in their own workplace setting
• Capacity to promote professional growth through the evaluation process
• Increased skill with the tools of rapport, pausing, paraphrasing, and posing questions

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