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Cognitive Coaching℠ Skill Builder: The Problem-Resolving Map


audience | 

groups and individuals who have completed Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminars®

day(s) | 


goal | 

Increased craftsmanship and efficacy with the Problem-Resolving map

This map is the most sophisticated map learned in the Foundation Seminar®. This module invites participants to continue to study the concept of Cognitive Shift in the context of supporting others who are in low resource and are seemingly stuck. The skills of Pacing and Leading are revisited as well as a deep dive into considering how the States of Mind are resources for moving from Existing State to Desired State. Extensive practice is embedded in this Skill Builder.


•States of Mind


•Deeper understanding of the concepts of the Problem-Resolving Map
•Enhanced skills with the tools of Pace and Lead
•Deeper understanding of how States of Mind support cognitive shift

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